Kms activation of Office 2019

KmsAuto is the most effective kms activator Office 2019 at the moment, as it allows you to activate Office once and for all. Activating MS Office 2019 is no different from activating other programs such as Office 2021 or Windows. The essence of the program is that you no longer need to buy an expensive license. The process will not take more than 5 minutes of your time. It is uncomplicated and absolutely affordable for everyone. You will spend a little bit of your time to understand the activation procedure.

kms activator Office 2019

If you have already activated Office 2019 using the activator, you can refresh your knowledge. Also, the latest version of the activator is available on this page.

About MS Office 2019

MS Office 2019 – at the moment is one of the most popular versions of the office suite from Microsoft. This is explained by the fact that this version of the program is not inferior to the version 2021. And the system requirements of the old version is much less. Therefore, if you have an average-power PC you should pay attention to the program package Office 2019.


Microsoft Office 2019 System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10-11;
  • Processor: x32/x64 bit with a frequency of 1 Ghz for x32 and 3 Ghz for x64;
  • RAM: from 2 GB;
  • Hard drive: from 10 GB;
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 or higher;

The Office package includes


The main system requirements for the activator are administrator rights to run the program, as well as the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 library. This library is necessary to create a virtual server on your PC. You can download this program from the official link from the Microsoft website.

The principle of operation of the kms activator Office 2019

The activator program kmsauto for Office 2019 installs a kms virtual server on the user’s PC. This technology allows you to intercept an activation request and sign it as satisfactory. This method eliminates any key generation and similar tricks. The Kms activator Office mimics the operation of a Microsoft server. This server, thanks to NET technology, works from a local network, which is also configured by the activator. The virtual server takes over all the functions of automatic activation and license renewal.

KMS Process Activate

When a user launches Office 2019, the software attempts to contact the KMS server to activate the product. KMSAuto intercepts this request and redirects it to the local KMS server created by the emulator. The local KMS server then activates Office, and the user can use the software without any further activation steps.

KMSAuto for Office 2019 – activation instructions

There is nothing easier than running the activator, just download the kmsauto archive and unzip it. Then follow our instructions to activate Office 2019. This instruction contains screenshots to make it easier for you to complete the activation process.

1. Before you start the activation process you should pause your antivirus programs. Otherwise you risk getting an error during activation.

2. Download the archive with the KMS activator. You can download the latest version of the activator from the link below if you don’t have the activator on your pc yet.

Click here for Download

  1. Disable Defender.
  2. Run Kms Auto.
  3. Activate Office.

3. Unpack the archive and run the activator. To unpack the archive you can also use the built-in archiver in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Start KmsAuto

4. Please note that the activator is universal and allows you to activate the Windows operating system. Therefore, you need to click the “Office Activate” button to activate Office 2019.

KmsAuto activate Office 2019

5. After pressing the button, the Office activation process will start. You need to wait a little bit and you will get the activated Microsoft Office software package for free!

Start KmsAuto completed

As we promised – the activation procedure is very simple and does not cause any difficulties. You don’t need any special knowledge to do it. You can activate any version of Microsoft Office programs in this way. It should be noted that it is not always possible to perform activation from the first time. In some cases you have to restart the computer and try activation again. Also, antivirus programs may block activator functions in the background. In this case only deactivation of your antivirus program can help you. It is worth noting that activation with the help of kms-activators is used in extreme cases, when you do not have the opportunity to buy Office 2019, but you urgently need this program. In this case, you can perform activation, and after some time you can purchase an official license.

Click here for Download

  1. Disable Defender.
  2. Run KmsAuto NET.
  3. Activate Office.

Questions about Office 2019 Activation

In this block, we have collected popular questions that are related to Office 2019 program activation. If you didn’t find the question you are interested in and the answer to it, you can ask your question in the comments. Or on the feedback page. We are always happy to communicate.


Your Office 2019 program will keep you happy until you yourself want to cancel the activation.

No, kmsauto does not generate keys to get a license. The activator works by other methods, more efficient and durable.

No, you do not have to do that. But if you suddenly encounter errors during activation, your antivirus may be the cause.

No, it is a universal activator that is suitable for all versions of Office programs and for all versions of Windows operating systems. But it should be clarified that for all current versions of these programs that are supported by the developers at the moment.

Were you able to activate Office 2019?

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