Kms activation of Office 2019

Briefly about the activation of Office. The activation of Office 2019 is not different from the activation of other versions of the product. You won’t need to buy an expensive license. You will save your time and your money. Everything happens using the popular KMSAuto utility and takes no more than 5 minutes of time. The process is not complicated, which makes it absolutely accessible to everyone.

kmsauto++ for office 2019

But still, you should read this article carefully in order to activate the Office. You will also find on this page a link to download the activator. You may have already read similar material, but it’s worth taking a little time and refreshing your knowledge. We wrote the instructions without too much.

About Office 19

Microsoft Office 19 is one of the most popular apps of 2022. Despite the fact that there are already newer versions, the old version is not inferior to anything. Many users like Office 19 more, since it takes up less space on the computer’s hard disk, and the functionality is the same as Office 2021.

Kms activator Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10-11;
  • Processor: x32/x64 bit with a frequency of 1 Ghz for x32 and 3 Ghz for x64;
  • RAM: from 2 GB;
  • Hard drive: from 10 GB;
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 or higher;
  • The Office package includes


    Microsoft explained that new features have appeared in the applications that were previously available to subscribers of the Office ProPlus package. In order for the utility to work correctly, you must have the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (download), any version of Windows 11,10,8,7 x32 or X64 bit, as well as administrator rights.

    Activation Office 2019 technology, in a nutshell.

    The Office Activator program installs a virtual server on the PC, which checks the product license. Everything is simple. KMSAuto is a program that performs Office 2019 activation by using a technique called Key Management Service (KMS) activation. KMS activation is a method of activating software that is typically used by organizations to activate multiple copies of software simultaneously.

    KMSAuto works by installing a KMS server emulator on the user’s computer. This emulator then creates a local KMS server on the computer that can activate Office 2019 without the need for a separate activation key.

    Process Activate

    When the user launches Office 2019, the software attempts to contact a KMS server to activate the product. KMSAuto intercepts this request and redirects it to the local KMS server created by the emulator. The local KMS server then activates Office 2019, and the user can use the software without any further activation steps.

    Let’s get started.

    There is nothing easier than installing Kms auto, just download the installer or portable version and follow the instructions further. These instructions contain pictures, which will make activation easier.You don’t have to worry, because all the steps can be repeated again in case of an error or problem.

    1. It is necessary to disable computer protection in advance during activation.

    2. Download the archive with the KMSAuto.

    Click here for Download

    1. Disable Defender.
    2. Run Kms Auto.
    3. Activate Office.

    3. Unpack the archive and run the activator.


    4. Click the “Activate Office” button.

    KmsAuto activate Office 2019

    5. Done!

    Start KmsAuto completed

    Kms Auto Net system requirements

    As you can see, nothing is difficult. Enjoy the activated Microsoft Office product!

    The advantage of KmsAuto is its versatility. It can be used to activate all Microsoft Office products. The main thing is that the activation process supports the KMS system.

    Disabling the Defender only works after the system is restarted. To prevent the Defender or other antivirus from deleting the archive with the program, create a special folder on your disk and add it to the antivirus exceptions. Download the activators to this folder, the antivirus will not delete them.

    In automatic mode, a task for reactivation is created in the scheduler. This allows the program to independently enter a new key when the old one comes to an end. Thus, KMSAuto will be able to activate Office permanently without affecting system files.

    Click here for Download

    1. Disable Defender.
    2. Run KmsAuto NET.
    3. Activate Office.

    Questions about Office 2019 Activation

    Popular questions on the topic of the article.


    The KMSAuto program activates the Office forever.

    No, the activator does everything automatically and hidden, you do not need to enter a key.

    KMSAuto is an unwanted program. It’s not a virus.

    KMSAuto is a universal activator and is suitable for all versions of Office.

    Were you able to activate Office 2019?

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