KMSAuto Net activator for Microsoft Office 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016, 2021

The Kms Office Activator is a module called KMSAuto Net that allows you to bypass the authentication mechanism of any Office product. It is included in the KMS Tools assembly from Ratiborus.

Among all existing activators, KMSAuto Net is the leader. This program is popular with users. And even when buying a computer with licensed software installed, over time, you may encounter the problem of losing the key. In this case, you need to resort to the help of an activator.

KMSAuto Net activator for Microsoft Office 2010 – 2021

Comparison of Office versions

Office 2010Office 2011Office 2013Office 2016Office 2019Office 2021
comparison of Office versions

Activating Office through the KMSAuto program is as follows

  • Download the activator on PC;
  • Open Winrar archive;
  • Enter the specified password and start working with the program;
  • If the procedure did not take place, then it is necessary to repeat the procedure.

Principle of operation

Office hacking software emulates interaction with a KMS server, which checks the software license and confirms or denies it. The application does not even require the presence of the Internet.

You can use KMS to activate Office in different ways:

  • a special service that simulates a connection to a KMS server;
  • using virtual modified files instead of system ones, in which no changes occur in the real files of the operating system.
  • using a license key and a special driver;
  • activation using a manually set code.

By default, the application iterates through these algorithms until it achieves a solution to the problem, and remembers the successful one. The user can specify any method manually in the “System” tab.

Modules and utilities

In the form of separate modules, the KMS activator includes tools such as:

  • Office C2R License Setup – removes and installs licenses;
  • Office C2R Install is a utility for downloading and installing the specified office applications with their subsequent activation;
  • program for validation on the Microsoft website.

The MSActBackUp utility is available to save the current activation state to a file. Also, a converter is built into KMS that can convert the version of any office program from RETAIL to VL, because the activator only works with the latter.

How to use KMS to activate Office?

Using KMS to activate Office or any of its components, you should close all office programs and preferably turn off the antivirus. The latter will block the application as interfering with the authentication system.

  1. Run the utility package downloaded from the link below.
  2. Unpack the contents of the archive and run the executable file.
  3. Select KMSAuto Net.
  4. In the information block, which displays data on the current state of the system and performed operations, we study information about Office.

    status KmsAuto

  5. If there are problems with the office license, click “Activate Office”.

    status KmsAuto

  6. After receiving a notification about the successful completion of the operation, close KMS and launch the Office application.

    Ofiice activated!

Kms Office activator FAQ

Publication of the most frequent questions.

You need to restart your computer and try to repeat the activation procedure.
Unfortunately, Office versions prior to 2010 are not subject to activation using KMSAuto Net.
The activator was developed by the programmer Ratiborus.
You need to download the archive again, but before doing this, put the antivirus on pause or disable it.

Which Microsoft Office program do you use?
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