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All of us may one day come across viruses and spyware, causing data leaks or serious system malfunctions. Those who want a licensed version of OS Windows or MS Office should check out KMSAuto. It allows to find product key by hacking the operating system without system files and extensions manipulations.


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How does KMSAuto activator work?

KMS Auto uses the same method that Microsoft originally used to make it easier to license platforms and the Office package. Activator is a KMS-activator which allows you to add a randomly generated key to Microsoft products that are already installed. The tool uses TAP drivers.

You can generate a key for:

  • Windows OS: 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (x64 and x32 bit);
  • Windows OS server: Server 2008 and Server 2019 (x64 and x32 bit);
  • MS Office: 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021.

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The program does not use system files. Thus, there is no risk for your device to work correctly. KMSAuto acts according to the corporate network OS license validation procedure. This means that you do not need the Internet or a phone call confirmation. All you have to do is connect to the KMS-service, which lifts the restrictions.

The service is set up and run using the KMS-emulator by Ratiborus.

The Auto KMS emulator from Ratiborus is a program that allows users to activate Microsoft Windows and Office products without a license key. It emulates a Key Management Service (KMS) server on the user’s computer and activates the products through this server.

The emulator from Ratiborus is a popular choice for users looking to activate their software for free. It is easy to use and does not require any special technical knowledge. Users simply run the program, select the product they want to activate, and click the “Activate” button.

One of the benefits of the KMS auto emulator from Ratiborus is that it provides permanent activation. Once activated, the product remains activated even after updates or system reboots. Additionally, the emulator supports multiple languages and can be used on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

KMS auto emulator

While using the KMS auto emulator from Ratiborus may seem like an attractive option, it is important to note that using unlicensed software is illegal and can lead to security risks. Users should consider purchasing a license key or using a free, open-source alternative.

Emulating a KMS-server

Emulating a KMS-server allows you to get product keys for one or more computers in your home network. Before it was necessary to connect to a localhost with address to activate Windows 8.1. This localhost was not available for non-activated versions, but after launching this program the system automatically assumes that the KMS-server is located not on the PC itself but in an online environment.

Due to its help, you can activate:
Available in 2 versions: for x64 and x86(32) bit systems.
Microsoft Office 2010 2013 2016 2019 2021
Microsoft Windows OS Win 7 Win 8 Win 8.1 Win 10 Win 11
Microsoft Windows Server OS Server 2008 Server 2012 Server 2012 R2 Server 2019 Server 2021

KMSAuto screenshots:

KMSAuto activator main window KMS Auto activator KMS Auto activator

The activator is available for the following OS versions:

  • Supported PC Operating Systems:
  • Windows Vista/Vista (Business; Enterprise);
  • Windows 7 (Business; Professional);
  • Windows 8/8.1/Vindows 8 (x86; x64);
  • Windows 10 (x86; x64);
  • Windows 11 (x32; x64);

Supported Server Operating Systems:

  • Windows Server 2008 (Standard; Datacenter; Enterprise; R2);
  • Windows Server 2012 (Standard; Datacenter; R2);
  • Windows Server 2016 (Standard; Datacenter; R2);
  • Windows Server 2019 (Standard; Datacenter; R2);

Modes of operation:
The program starts KMS-server emulation and provides license keys to all computers within the home network (one or more computers may be connected).

System requirements:

KMSAuto for Microsoft Office also supports multiple modes of operation

Additional Auto KMS commands:
‘/sound=no’ – Disables the sound;
‘/sound=yes’ – Enables sound;

Starts KMS in invisible mode

‘/win=act’ – then activates Windows and closes the program;
‘/off=act’ – then activates Microsoft Office and closes the program;
‘/key=yes’ – activates Windows and closes the program;
‘/log=yes’ – writes a log file (ActStatus.log) and closes the program;
‘/task=yes’ – creates a task in Task Manager to activate Microsoft Office or Windows, and then closes the program. Note: The activation period is every 25 days.
‘/taskrun=yes’ – runs the Windows/Microsoft Office activation task in Task Manager and then closes it;
‘/kmsset=yes’ – installs the KMS-Service, then closes the program. Note, only the KMS-Service application is installed;
‘/kmsdel=yes’ – uninstalls the KMS-Service application and closes the program;
‘/convert=’ – converts Windows scripts and closes the program;
The latter method requires you to reboot the system to make changes.

KmsAuto Program interface

1. KMC Auto main screen has two buttons – “Activation” and “Info” ↓.

KMSAuto activator for Microsoft

2. Clicking on “Activation” will start searching for the product activation key ↓.

KMS Auto activator

3. After that you need to choose the required operation (activate Windows or MS Office) and click the button ↓.

KMSAuto++ activator

4. At the bottom of the interface you will see the current system status. Once the operation is completed you will be prompted to create a task in Task Manager to re-acquire the license after 25 days. If you accept this, click “OK”.

To carry out manual activation you must first open the System tab.

KMS Auto activator

5. Next click on the round button at the top of the interface near “Auto”. Then click on “Install KMS-Service” ↓.

KMS Auto activator

6. You will then be required to install the GLVK key by clicking on the button with the desired product ↓.

KMSAuto++ activator

After installing all parameters the tool will start key generation. When the key expires, you will need to re-open the activator and redo all the steps manually, or set the task in the task manager yourself.

1. To set it, go to the System tab ↓.

KMS Auto activator

2. Click on the third button in the middle block and select the product you want (Windows, Office or both). Then click on “Create task” ↓.

KMSAuto activator

3. The product will now update automatically at the set intervals ↓.

KMSAuto Net activator

To switch between modes, open the “About” tab and select the desired mode. Here you can also get information on the utility’s features and watch a video guide on its features. If the Windows version has previously been activated by phone number, you can use the backup function. You will then be able to convert versions of Office (retail to volume), and change the operating system version.

KMS Auto activator

Once you have opened the Utility tab, you will be able to

use a number of standard features of the platform – Scheduler, Services, etc.;
reset an invalid OS by performing a rearm (if the activation was performed incorrectly).
The system can also be activated if it clears the “non-valid” status. This means that some system files with license data will be deleted.

This option is suitable for those who have an extended version of the software for home use. In the case of organizations, a crack will be detected when the OS license is checked.

In addition, the software provides a periodic activation confirmation feature. It will automatically renew the license every 25 days. Open an advanced settings menu by clicking on the “About” tab and selecting the “Professional Mode” button.

Please note! If automatic activation does not start, follow the steps below:

  • Open Professional mode.
  • Click on “Utilities”.
  • Install GVLK key for your current Windows version.
  • Activate the system again.

There is a utility version designed for flash drives. KMS Auto Lite Portable. It requires the initial reset of automatic mode settings, as different activation methods are applied for different devices.
Please note! The 0xc004f074 error occurs while the program is running due to the different versions of activator and Windows Server items. You should update the OS to fix the error.

So KMSAuto is a great tool for those who want to enjoy the rich functionality of Microsoft products, but do not have a licensed OS or Office package. It can generate product key for the OS or MS Office of any version. The utility is in Russian and works on 64-bit and 32-bit systems. The program is verified by the latest Kaspersky version, which makes it 100% safe to use.

KmsAuto FAQ

Ask us your questions in the comments!

After deleting the activator program, Office activation will fly off.
KMSAuto Net is an unwanted antivirus program. It’s not a virus.
The KMSAuto Net program creates a virtual server that checks the license key.
No, the kmsauto activator is easy to use. Anyone can use this program.
KMSAuto Net is a universal activator and is also suitable for all versions of Windows 11-7.

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