Windows 11 Manager

Windows 11 Manager is a program that includes a number of tools to optimize the operation of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Manager

Windows Manager Interface

Improving the operation of the operating system will consist of many actions: first, you can delete unnecessary files, then look for ways to speed up work and change the settings. Despite the set of complex functions, the program’s interface makes it accessible to all users — it works almost automatically.

How to use app

It is important to start with the simplest functions and only then try complex settings. For example, you need to start by cleaning the disk from unnecessary files left over from deleted programs;
after that, you can run the automatic optimization function, as well as a security check;
only after these operations should you start manually configuring various parameters. After each change, you need to check the computer’s performance and make sure that changing the parameters has improved the performance of Windows 11.
To always be able to take a step back and cancel a number of entered settings, you can create a file with the current system parameters. With the help of a backup copy of the registry, you can safely experiment with the Manager utility.

Download Windows 11 Manager

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