Vidmore Screen Recorder for Windows

Vidmore screen recorder is an easy – to-use program that allows you to take screenshots of any part of the screen, as well as record in HD format. It is shareware. The cost of the pro is approximately $ 30. The last update was released on September 17, 2020.

Vidmore-Screen-Recorder for windows

Main features

  • Creating screenshots of the full screen or part of it.
  • Recording user actions on the screen in HD format.
  • Support for a microphone through which you can voice actions.
  • Support for GIF files into which videos or screenshots can be converted.
  • Selecting the beginning and end of the recording fragment, which allows you to leave directly the section that is really needed. For example, it makes no sense to waste time recording the installation process of any program – it is enough to omit this fragment.
  • File editing support (the ability to insert labels, arrows and other shapes into the screenshot).
  • For video files, you can set the format, video codec type, quality, add effects when clicked, as well as the cursor location area during video recording. 

Convenience and interface

The program has a simple and user-friendly interface. In its window, you can see the main functions that are often used. However, other features can be accessed by clicking on the “More” tab.

In addition, the program can record at a certain time. To activate this mod, click on the “Task scheduler” button. To get access to all additional functions, you need to buy the program.

Often the application is used to create instructional video tutorials. This activity is not only very useful, but can also bring income. Also, through the created video, you can share your experience with friends.


  1. Working with screenshots (adding individual elements).
  2. Recording user actions from the screen in HD format.
  3. The ability to use a microphone to explain any actions.
  4. Export to gif format.
  5. Flexible adjustment of the recorded video.


Shareware version.
Limited functions in the ordinary version.
High demands on the resources and hardware of a personal computer, as a result of which the program can slow down while recording at high quality.

The application is suitable for all users who create their own training videos and screenshots. The unlimited version can become an additional source of income.

Download Vidmore Screen Recorder for Windows

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