SpeedTest for Windows

Speedtest is a program that is designed to measure internet speed. Initially, there was a simple website where users could check the Internet connection, data transfer rate, ping with the specified server.

speedtest for windows

Program features

This program will be very useful if you constantly notice any problems with the Internet. You can also monitor the work of the provider, which guaranteed a reliable Internet connection without a data transfer rate drawdown.

After installation, a special widget will be displayed on the desktop. You will be able to run the check quickly and get an informative result.

The following indicators will be displayed in the result table:

  • The time of the test run.
  • Data transfer time.
  • The number of bytes transferred, files.
  • The speed of uploading, sending.
  • Response rates with the specified server.

During a quick check, the program automatically selects the nearest server and sets the file size for analyzing the data transfer rate.

It is possible to manually configure the test parameters, namely:

  • Set the size of the file to be sent, downloaded.
  • Select a country and a virtual server.
  • Set intermediate servers for more detailed analysis.

The utility also detects your external IP address and its geolocation. You can send the test results by email, share the link with friends, on social networks. Thus, people leave comments about providers and users have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the services provided before ordering a connection.

Why should I install this utility?

Let’s say you notice problems with the Internet. And for analysis you need to open some web service and run a check. If there are obvious problems with the connection. The service may open for several minutes, but in a couple of clicks you can run the speedtest program and get a detailed report in a few seconds.

Advantages of the program

The main advantages of the program is a simple and user-friendly interface. Any owner of a computer will be able to understand the functionality. And conduct a test and analysis of Internet connection, data download speed without any problems. Multilingual, 17 languages are available.

The utility is absolutely free, any Internet user can download SpeedTest and install it on his computer, laptop with Windows operating system.

Disadvantages of the program

The disadvantages include some bugs and crashes of the program. Developers try to regularly release new updates, fix bugs, bugs.

It is important that the program saves all test reports. Therefore, there will be a constant opportunity to conduct a detailed analysis of the Internet connection, packet loss, file download speed. Perhaps after viewing the report, there will be a desire to change the provider that will provide more reliable services.

Considering that everything is free, we can say that this is an indispensable program for any computer or laptop.  With the help of SpeedTest, you will be able to check the Internet connection and file download speed in detail, require a stable connection from the provider and the declared Internet speed.

Download Speedtest for Windows

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