Slimjet browser for Windows

The Slimjet application is one of the convenient developments of web browsers. And the creators themselves confidently claim that this browser is capable of being different from the rest.

SlimJet for windows

About Slimjet Browser

  • here is a higher speed at which pages are opened;
  • the operation is stable, without hanging.

It should be noted that the Slimjet browser is perfectly able to take into account the individuality of any of the users with whom it works. The most important thing in this browser is the confidentiality of Internet use.

Some options and features allow you to conveniently use many functions without installing additional plugins and extensions. This is another argument in favor of Slimjet.

Program Features

The program is distinguished by the convenience that there is a special form filler, and even the simplest photo editor is available. There is also Photoshop, which can automatically compress those pictures that are attached there. Consequently, the speed can be increased up to twenty times, and this makes the work more intensive and productive.

By the way, there is also a separate function that will allow you to determine the weather forecast in your area. Slimjet portable can do all this when used correctly. You can download the browser for free from the official website.

Download SlimJet

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