R-Wipe & Clean for Windows

R-Wipe & Clean is a very powerful and extremely useful application that is necessary to perform the process of cleaning local disks from garbage harmful to the system. These components include such elements as: temporary network files, autofill lines, remembering passwords, browsing history in the browser, and much more.

R-Wipe & Clean for Windows

Briefly about the R-Wipe application & Clean

If you do not do such hard disk diagnostics for a very long time, the performance of the operating system is greatly reduced, and serious technical errors may also occur. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean network drives for their best performance.

Additional features of the program

The program will also be useful for user privacy, because attackers can remotely steal passwords or important data. Therefore, you can delete all the “tails” on the Internet to protect your device from outside interference.

Features of the utility

  • Efficient removal of all temporary files and system garbage;
  • Maintaining user privacy;
  • The ability to remove traces of the work of different utilities;
  • A wide range of tools;

Download R-Wipe You can clean on the official portal by clicking on the link that is posted on this page. Download programs only from official or verified sources. This way you can protect yourself.

Download R-Wipe & Clean for Windows

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