Popcorn Time for Windows

Popcorn Time is a program from the developer Time4popcorn that allows users to stream movies, other videos of entertainment and information genre without waiting for the download to finish on the hard disk.

Install-Popcorn-Time-Kodi for windows

About the popcorn time program

In other words, the torrent client is able to play files in real time simultaneously with the download process, and according to the developer, it has no crashes, freezes, while maintaining high quality and originality of the video image without compression by players.

Application interface

The program interface is simple and convenient.
The main menu looks like a catalog of different content and navigation.
The library consists of several thousand video variants.
Convenient features of the program are content filtering by genres and topics of common names.
Each file has a detailed description, including the title, release date, authors and genre.
The utility has the function of subtitles in available languages, setting the quality and searching for audio tracks.

The program will automatically select the content that meets your requirements. A player is integrated into the program, which allows you to broadcast videos in full-screen format. You can download the utility for free by following the link to the official source for free.

Download Popcorn Time

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