PhotoScissors for Windows

PhotoScissors is a very simple. But at the same time extremely highly intelligent graphic editor that specializes only in removing the background from images. However, it is much easier and faster to do this here than in other similar programs. Where this action may take more than 15 minutes.

photoscissors for windows

About PhotoScissors

Immediately everything happens in almost automatic mode, because all you need is just to highlight the desired object with markers. With a red marker, you will need to highlight the borders of the background cutout. And the green color is needed to indicate the source object itself.

Also, this utility contains several useful tools that will allow you to effectively edit and correct the background. The program is perfectly combined with other graphic editors and at the same time takes up little space on the hard disk. For the sake of this feature, many users download a huge Photoshop.

Application Features

  • Instant background cutting;
  • Intuitive operation mode based on automated actions;
  • Ability to synchronize with other applications;
  • Built-in tools for editing extracted objects;

You can download this graphic editor on the official website by simply clicking on the link that is attached to this page below.

PhotoScissors download for Windows

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