Mobizen for Windows

Mobizen is an application for accessing an android mobile device from a personal computer running the Windows operating system. The utility has an expanded set of functions, unlike the version for mobile devices.

Mobizen for windows

Main features

  • The function of connecting to a personal computer of any mobile device running on the operating systems “Windows Mobile”, “Android” and “iOS”.
  • File sharing.
  • Ensuring a secure connection by entering a PIN code.
  • Video recording from the screen of a mobile device.
  • Setting the recording quality.
  • Powerful video recording editor.
  • Creating screenshots.
  • Control the operation of the device using the keyboard and mouse.
  • Getting full access to the file system of a mobile device.

Convenience and interface

The application is easy to understand thanks to the friendly interface. The connection takes place via a secure channel. At the same time, the user should register on the site and come up with a PIN code to connect the mobile phone to a personal computer.

The application allows you to record actions on the screen in different quality, create screenshots and work with the device with the mouse. Video does not slow down at high resolution, since a high-speed channel and personal computer resources are used for communication.

Before creating a video, you can set the quality, resolution and number of frames per second. The values of the first parameter can be adjusted in the range from 0.5 Mbit/s to 12 Mbit/s, the second — from 240 to 1440 and the third — from 5 to 60. 

The video can be processed using a powerful video editor that allows you not only to insert and cut fragments, but also to make a start page and use music.

The “highlight” is the management of a mobile device via a secure channel and reliable transmission of information. Data can be transferred not only to a personal computer, but also exchanged with friends.


  • Security of mobile device management and reliability of information transmission.
  • The presence of a powerful editor.
  • Flexible adjustment of video quality.
  • Good performance when recording video in high quality.
  • Creating screenshots of a mobile device.
  • Navigation through the device’s file system with the mouse.
  • Control the phone with the mouse.
  • It is not possible to resize the window.
  • Sometimes there are problems when connecting a mobile device to a personal computer.

The application is popular due to its wide functionality, unlike the mobile version of the program, and the security of information transfer between devices.

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