DtSearch Desktop for Windows

dtSearch is a very unusual and unique utility that is necessary to search for text documents in the file storage of the operating system. Windows OS itself has similar functions, but here the search is much faster and more accurate. You can save time several times, unlike the standard method.

Advantages of dtSearch Desktop

The main feature of this utility is that it is able to process huge gigabytes of memory in a matter of seconds in search of the right file. If you do this with the tools of the operating system, then in these cases crashes or freezes of the device are not uncommon.

dtsearch-desktop for windows

You can install the program on such operating systems as Windows 11, Win 10, Win 8, Win 7.

Additionally, the utility has a manual search in which you can set all the necessary values. This process is performed very quickly, since it is enough to set a few necessary ticks, after which the program will automatically start working.

Features of the utility

High data processing speed;
User-friendly and easy interface;
Does not load the CPU when working;
It has a wide manual setting;
dtSearch Desktop download

You can download the desktop rus installer directly from us by clicking on the download link that is posted on this page. The link leads to the official source.

Download DtSearch Desktop for Windows

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