CintaNotes – a program for taking notes for Windows

CintaNotes is a program for quickly creating notes with a large set of functions. The program is suitable for users who process a large amount of information. The convenient function of saving by category helps to select the most necessary.

CintaNotes for Windows

Main features

  • Setting up hotkeys.
  • Saving notes as lists.
  • Support for advanced search.
  • Sort records by category.
  • Import and export of records.
  • Working with db and xml database formats.
  • Adding tags to records.
  • Text formatting function.
  • Connecting files and images to recordings.
  • Backup function.
  • Support for DropBox and SimpleNote cloud services for information exchange with subsequent synchronization.
  • Password protection.

Convenience and interface

The program has a simple and intuitive interface. It is available in two editions: free and paid. The latter has many functions for searching and organizing information by category, and also allows you to connect third-party files and images.

The free version is suitable for regular recordings and saving information from articles by pressing a hotkey. In addition, it supports the following functions:

  • Saving notes as lists.
  • Text capture.
  • Convenient search.
  • Backup.
  • Synchronization with the SimpleNote cloud.
  • Password protection.

The “highlight” of the application is the ability to organize information by category. However, this feature is only available in the paid version.

Features cintanotes

Simple and intuitive interface.
Working with DropBox.
There is a portable version.
Breakdown of notes into categories.
Convenient search function.
Connecting to file notes.
Saving in the database.
Import and export of records.
Offline mode.
Round-the-clock online support.
Paid version.
Limited features in the free version.

Download CintaNotes for Windows

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