AtHome Video Streamer

AtHome Video Streamer for Windows

AtHome Video Streamer is a useful program that makes it possible to make a webcam, almost a full–fledged video surveillance system. It will be possible to observe the situation in which the computer or laptop is located. The program works only in conjunction with the AtHome Camera application.

AtHome Video Streamer for windows

Basically, the program can be used as:

  • Baby monitor.
  • A pet surveillance camera.
  • Like a regular surveillance camera.
  • Like an alarm system.

After installing and configuring the camera, it will monitor the environment, and in case of any movement, it will immediately notify with a push notification. The program not only transmits the picture, but also the sound that the microphone picks up. You can also send voice messages through the speakers of your computer or laptop.

The program has a simple and intuitive functionality. The user can change the camera parameters, enable continuous recording or record only when motion is detected.

Main features of the program:

The sensitivity of the camera can only be adjusted to the movement of the human body, avoid the light from lamps and the movement of animals.
Remote monitoring of cameras via an application on smartphones, tablets.
When a movement is detected, an instant Push notification is sent.
Specify the exact start time of recording, only 2 time intervals are available – start, stop.
Security and complete confidentiality, all connections are encrypted.
Remote camera control, zoom, focus, turns, capture the entire space.
Hidden startup, the program runs in the background.
The ability to record and play a video message or set some kind of signal when someone gets into the camera lens.

Additional features of the program

If there is no permanent mobile Internet, then you will not receive instant push notifications and will not be able to connect to the viewing via your smartphone. There will only be 1 option left, viewing the recording.

The advantages include the fact that the program is absolutely free. There is no need to buy additional hardware or software to set up an IP camera. Simple and quick setup. It is enough to specify the login and password of the server to connect to remote viewing.

Disadvantages of the AtHome Video Streamer

The disadvantages include the lack of night vision mode, since conventional webcams do not have such technology and a limit on the amount of recording time.

 From the reviews on Google Play and the Apple store, it can be emphasized that this is a very excellent software that makes it possible to make a surveillance video camera from ordinary cameras on a computer or laptop.

AtHome Video Streamer is a very useful program. Everyone decides in their own way how to use it. Someone monitors colleagues, relatives, workers, makes a baby monitor out of a computer or laptop, and someone installs it for fun, since voice messages can be transmitted at any time.

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