3utools for Windows

3uTools is a free Windows utility for working with the file system of Apple devices. It supports the “Jailbreak” function, which allows you to customize the firmware of the device to the user’s preferences.

3uTools for windows

Main features

  • Getting system information about the phone model, device ID, UDID (special number) and information about the operating system.
  • Downloading updates.
  • Performing a backup operation.
  • Using applications from the “App Store” service without authorization.
  • Sending or transferring snapshots to a personal computer.
  • Manage calls, contacts, and the notes log.
  • Viewing the device screen.
  • Performing a search and downloading music.
  • Cleaning the device from unwanted files.
  • Conversion of video recordings and audio files.
  • Modification of icons.
  • Firmware editing and device flashing (“Jailbreak” function).
  • Restoring the device’s operability.
  • File system management from a personal computer.

Convenience and interface

The program has a simple interface that an ordinary user will understand.

Application Installation Requirements

  • Operating system: Version from Windows XP and above.
  • The iTunes utility is pre-installed on the computer.

The application is downloaded from the official website. After installation, the first time you start it, you need to configure and establish a connection with a mobile device.

Simplified access to the device’s file system allows you to perform various operations with the file system. In the program, you can create backups that allow you to restore all the contents of a mobile device without any problems.

The “highlight” is the support of the “firmware” or “Jailbreak” hacking mode. However, only experienced users can take advantage of this opportunity. If errors are made during the “firmware”, then the mobile apple device may end up in the service center.


Getting complete information about the device.
Convenient file system management from a computer.
Support for the “firmware” function.
Restoring the operation of the device.
Secure update.
Conversion of video and audio files.
Changing icons.
Manage calls, contacts, and logs.
Downloading music from services without authorization.
Cleaning the device from garbage.


It is not possible to use it without the iTunes program preinstalled.
Using the “Jailbreak” function can disable the apple device.

The program is suitable for all owners of apple devices. Users need to work carefully with the “firmware” hacking function, since carelessness can lead to the device’s inoperable.

Download 3uTools for windows

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