How to open the KMSAuto Zip archive

The KMSAuto NET activator program for Office and Windows is in the archive. This archive has a ZIP format. To use the activator, you need to unpack the archive with the program or run the program from the archive. In any of these cases, you need to have an archiver program. This is the only way you can open the KMSAuto Zip archive.

KMSAuto Zip

Standard Windows archiver for KMSAuto ZIP

The archiver is installed by default in the Windows operating system version 10-11. But not all users can use it. It is not very convenient and does not always open archives that have a password set. In our case, the archive with the activator also has a password (2222).

The best archiving software

In practice, it has long been proven that the best archivers are WinRAR and 7-zip programs. They are very functional and convenient. The WinRAR program has a more convenient interface. But this program is conditionally paid. After paying for the license, you will not see annoying ads. The 7-zip program is completely free. The interface is more modest, but the program’s capabilities and archiving speed are much better and higher than in WinRAR.

Which archiver to choose for KMSAuto ZIP

Any archiver is suitable for unpacking the archive that contains KMSAuto. Whether it’s a standard Windows or a purchased WinRAR. In fact , we advise you to use 7zip . This is a powerful tool that will not cause errors and problems when unpacking. Moreover, this program is free.


WinRAR and 7zip system requirements

Both archivers are not demanding to system requirements and run on any version of Windows. If you were able to run Windows, you can also run the archiver :).
WinRAR and 7zip support both x64 and x32 platforms. You can download programs on the official websites of the developer.

The download is free. But in the case of WinRAR, ads will always appear at startup, which can be disabled by purchasing a license.

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