Manual installation of Windows updates

After you activate your Windows operating system using the KMSAuto Net program, you should disable automatic system updates. This is necessary so that your operating system does not need activation. Then you will be faced with the question of how to install Windows updates. The answer is manual installation of Windows updates.

Windows updates

Microsoft publishes security updates for its products at least once a month. New versions of updates are published approximately every second Tuesday of the month. These are updates for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows. If critical vulnerabilities are found in the operating system, Microsoft releases emergency updates, this can happen at any time without reference to the date and time. No matter when you last installed the latest Windows update, you can always download the latest up-to-date Cumulative Update Package for your operating system version.

Let’s find out the date of the last installed update for Windows

In order to find out the date of the latest updates to your operating system, you need to run the command prompt. Enter the following command in PowerShell:
gwmi win32_quickfixengineering |sort installedon -desc drawing1
This command is intended only for PoweShell. This won’t work on the command line. After you have entered the command, press “Enter”. The date of the last Windows security update will appear on the screen. If the last update was more than a month ago, then you should update your operating system manually.

Win updates

Find and download the latest version of updates for Windows

You can manually download the latest updates on the Microsoft website. You need to follow this link Microsoft Update Catalog. This catalog contains all the update versions for all supported Windows operating systems.
But there is no filter on the updates page to conveniently search for updates specifically for your operating system. In order to find exactly your update, you need to form a query and insert it into the search bar:

windows 10 20H2 9/%/2023

In this request, you need to specify your operating system version. The example shows the WLS version of Windows – 20h2. Next comes the date 9/%/2023 . The % sign means that we don’t care about the number, we specified the current year and the current month.

Manual installation of Windows updates

How to find out the Windows version (WLS version of Windows)

  • Click “Start” -> “Options” or “Win+I”.
  • Select “System”.
  • Next, find the column “About the system” and click on it.
    View the version number.

The update catalog will return the result to us. The screenshot shows an example of the result. We need to download the latest cumulative update. Cumulative update means that it includes all previous important updates. Therefore, we need to download it.

Manual installation of cumulative updates in Win

The size of the data is not small, on average 500 megabytes. After the updates have been downloaded to your computer, you need to run and install it. You need to double-click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

Errors after manual Windows updates

During the installation, you may see such messages as “The update is not applicable to this computer”. This may mean that you have downloaded updates for the wrong version of the operating system or the update is already installed. Or a newer version of the update is installed.
When the update installation is complete, restart your computer. If after updating your system began to work with errors, then you can roll back the update. Always pay due attention to updating the operating system, as the security of your data on the PC directly depends on it.

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