KMSAuto vs KMSPico

At the moment, two activators are the most effective and popular in the network.
These are kmsauto and kmspico programs for activating Windows and Office. These programs are able to activate the latest versions of operating systems and office applications for free. Windows 11 and Office 2021 will be available to you. The activation technology of these programs is the same. Let’s take a closer look and find the differences.

kmsauto vs kmspico

How the kms activation technology works

Both activators use the activation method by means of creating a kms server on your computer. This server does not affect the operation of other important applications on your PC and thus the failure of the operating system is impossible. The server monitors activation requests from Windows and Office programs. This server can always be deleted if the user wants to purchase an official license.

What are the differences between activators

Kmsauto is an up-to-date software product for today. Its developer Ratiborus is actively updating the program. New activation methods are introduced monthly and old functions are improved. The program has many versions, such as kmsauto lite and kmsauto portable. The essence of the programs is the same, but for example the portable version does not require an Internet connection. And the lite version does not require the Microsoft Frame Work library. Also, the activator program from Ratiborus has advanced features, such as scheduled activation, manual activation mode and much more. Although these functions are usually not needed by the average user. You can read more at this link.

interface kmsauto

KMSpico is an older activator. He was one of the first. But the developers stopped updating the program. Although the latest version of KMSpico copes with the activation of new programs from Microsoft. The main difference of KMSpico is its ease of use. The program has a very minimalistic interface that consists of a single button. But before activating the program, it requires installation.

interface pico

Comparison table of two activators on a ten-point scale

kmsauto kmspico
interface 10 10
easy to activate 10 10
system requirements 10 10
update frequency 10 1
office activation 10 8
windows activation 10 8

How to download activators

Both activators can be found online by entering a query in Google or another search engine. The latest version of the kmsauto program can be downloaded from the link below. This is an updated version with bug fixes and improved functionality.

The Pico activator has no official sources for downloading and is distributed freely on the web. You should be careful when choosing a source for downloading. Unfortunately, the latest version of the activator was released many years ago, so you should not trust sites that claim to have the latest version of 2023.

Let’s summarize the results

Both activators cope well with their tasks. But at the moment, the KMSAuto activator has more advanced features and is frequently updated by the developer. And even a newbie can use both programs. But it is worth noting that KMSpico has only one activation technology, while kms auto has 5 activation modes. This makes it possible for more flexible settings. This functionality helps to overcome activation errors.

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