How to Download KMSAuto Exe and activate Windows 11

Do you want to experience the new Windows 11, but you don’t have an official license? There are no license keys on the Internet? You’ve come to the right place. The KMSAuto Net Exe program will help you activate Windows 11. You just need to download the activator and run it. After these steps, you will be able to fully use the Windows operating system. All functions will be available to you.

How to activate Windows with KmsAuto NET

Advantages of Windows 11

Updates are downloaded and installed in the background. The operating system will not reboot. It is very comfortable
It is possible to switch to another version of the operating system without reinstalling it
Data protection using the OneDrive service. Now operating system backups can be installed in the cloud storage
Handwriting support
Integration with Android

How to activate Windows 11

KMSAuto Net Activator for Windows 11

What is the KMSAuto Net program?
KMSAuto Net is an effective software that will allow you to activate Windows 11 and MS Office for free. At the same time, you will not spend money, because the program is completely free. You don’t need to understand system administration to use this utility. The program will create a virtual server on your computer that activates Windows 11. Your system files will not be changed. This allows you to cancel activation at any time and buy an official license in the store.

Process Activate Windows 11

Activation keys for Win 11

Activation keys for Windows 11 are not found on the Internet for free. After all, these keys are seen not only by you but also by other users. Therefore, such keys can activate the operating system for just a couple of days. Then you’ll have to look for a new key. And it will be without end. Therefore, KMSAuto Net Exe is the best way to activate Win 11 for a long time.

How to download KMSAuto Net

The final version of the activator program is available for download at the link below. Always choose the final version of the Kms utility. After all, this will help you avoid mistakes during the activation process. The developer of the program is constantly improving it. We automatically upload the latest version of the activator to the site.

Click here for Download

  1. Disable Defender.
  2. Run KmsAuto.
  3. Activate Windows 11.

How to activate Win 11 using KMSAuto Net

Windows 11 is the latest operating system that has attracted the attention of millions of users with its functionality. Therefore, many are looking for a way to activate Windows 11 on their computers for free. We have compiled this handy guide so that you can easily activate Windows 11 at the touch of a button. The manual contains images for better understanding.

Follow these steps:

  1. Extract the KMSAuto Net EXE file from the archive. To do this, use the WinRAR archiver.

  2. Next, run the file KmsAuto.exe with administrator rights.

    Run KmsAuto Administrator for win 11

  3. On the main page of the program, click “Activation”. You will have two options: “Activate Windows” and “Activate Office”.

    Kmsauto for windows 11 activation button

  4. Click the “Activate Windows” button.

    KMS Auto button Activation Win 11

  5. Restart your computer and enjoy the Windows 11 system.

You have successfully activated the operating system. Now you can make sure of this.
Right-click “My Computer” . Then click “Properties”. You will see the information as in the image below:

KmsAuto Net for win 11 activated good

Your Windows 11 has been successfully activated by the Kms Auto net program!

For experienced users, the activator contains several additional functions:

Kmsauto for windows 11 add functions

These functions are available in the “System” tab.

  • WinDivert – backup way to activate Windows 11.
  • Hook – substitution of a system file with a license.
  • No Auto – completely manual activation method.
  • TAP – The Tap Adapter function is activated and activation occurs.

The KMSAuto program provides all the ways to activate Win 11. The software developer took care of this. You only need to download the activator.

Questions about Windows 11 Activation

Questions about Windows 11 activation.


The activator needs 50 megabytes of memory on the hard disk.

KMSAuto Net is an unwanted program. It’s not a virus.

The KMSAuto Net program activates Windows 11 forever.

No, the activator does everything automatically and hidden, you do not need to enter a key to activate Windows.

KMSAuto Net is a universal activator and is suitable for all versions of Windows such as Win 11, 8.1, 8 and even Win 7.

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