How to temporarily disable Windows Defender

Why would you even need to disable Windows Defender protection on your computer? Situations can be different, for example, sometimes Defender recognizes secure application files as potentially dangerous and blocks installation. Such applications include our KMSAuto Net activator. Microsoft does not approve of free activation of its products, so it was logical for them to add the activator program to the database of potentially harmful software.

In such cases, you can temporarily disable Win Defender, and after activating Windows or Office, re-enable Defender. Let’s analyze the temporary disabling of protection using the example of the standard Defender 10/11.

Temporarily disabling Win Defender

If you have already disabled the Defender yourself, then you can skip this satya altogether. If you are doing this for the first time, then let’s start.

disable Windows Defender

  • So, open the protection parameters. A quick way is to open the parameters via the tray icon on the taskbar. On the bottom right where the date and time are displayed.
  • You can open it via the options from the start menu or using the “Win + I” hotkeys, and then scroll down to select “Update and Security”
  • Next, open “Windows Security” > “Open Windows Security Service”
  • Then open “Protection against viruses and threats”
  • Next, we find the “Settings Management” of protection against viruses and threats and open them.
  • Then we put the switches to the OFF position and actually do what we disabled Windows Defender for. In the same way, we return everything back.


Do not forget to enable Windows protection after you have completed all operations related to KMSAuto. In an analagic way, you can pause other antivirus programs.

What happens if you do not disable Win Defender before activation

Most often, the Windows Defender program blocks the execution of the KMSAuto EXE file or deletes it altogether. There’s nothing wrong with that. You need to unpack the archive again and run activato, but before these disable the antivirus software. If the antivirus has deleted the archive altogether, then you will have to download the archive again.

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