Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft Office

Artificial intelligence based on the new Chat GPT – 4 is now in Microsoft Office. Now you have a personal assistant in working with Word texts and developing presentations in Microsoft Power Point. The world–famous Microsoft Corporation recently provided us with its unique chatbot assistant, which is based on artificial intelligence. The new AI–based personal assistant bot has been nicknamed “Copilot”. And it will be embedded in all the software that is included in the Microsoft Office software package.

Artificial intelligence

After their successful introduction of an artificial intelligence chatbot into the Bing search engine. Microsoft decided to move towards more extensive implementations in its programs, which will be based on the OpenAI language model. An interesting fact, but Microsoft made this statement only a couple of days after Google decided to announce the possibility of using AI in Workspace. Which could generate articles and text in GMAIL, “Documents”, etc. To try out all the features of this artificial intelligence in Word for free. You can activate your Microsoft Office using the KmsAuto NET activator.

What is Copilot

Copilot itself represents its own artificial intelligence, which is built on the basis of Chat GPT – 4 from OpenAI. Copilot has the form of a chatbot and it will be automatically added to the text generation sidebar in MS Word, to the creation of presentations in MS Power Point. As well as to the creation of pivot tables in MS Excel. This chatbot will help you well in the preparation and in the MS Teams meeting.

Notify you of new updates in related projects and in organizations of changes. In addition to this, Copilot will be integrated into Outlook. Integration into Outlook will help save a lot of time when deleting emails and writing responses to the emails themselves. Also, the new chatbot from Microsoft will help you with grouping the topics of your email. Will help you create drafts with answers (you will be able to set the tone and length of your email).

Combining data using AI in Microsoft applications

Microsoft Corporation confidently declares that Copilot is not just an integrated Chat GPT in the Microsoft Office application package. Microsoft claims that this is a completely new system that allows you to combine Microsoft applications with any data and with any Microsoft Graph and Chat GPT – 4 analytics. MS Graph helps to process the user’s unique context and make it as effective as possible. At the time of creating documents based on user data. Copilot will send a request to MS Graph for information and context, after which it will send a modified request directly to Chat GPT 4.

The artificial intelligence response itself will be automatically checked by Microsoft Graph for reliability and security. Microsoft also wants to launch the Business Chat function in Microsoft 365 applications. Business Chat itself will also use Microsoft Graph. This will help you combine various documents. Help you create and edit presentations, help you create and edit emails, notes and contacts. All this will be combined into one whole MS Teams chat interface, which will generate summaries, tables, planning reviews, etc.

Concerns about the Copliot chatbot

It makes no sense to argue that the world-famous Microsoft corporation has an incredible speed of development of its technologies. In particular in the development of the idea of introducing artificial intelligence into its programs. However, such a rapid speed can cause reasonable fears and anxieties, especially when you consider that recently a large company of artificial intelligence developers was dismissed. This team was engaged in identifying all kinds of AI bot risks that have a direct connection with the implementation of Copilot in the Microsoft 365 application package and also OpenAI language models in programs and services.


But, for example, Microsoft 365 CEO Jared Spataro does not support these concerns and does not consider them justified. He says: “In order to meet all the needs of all our customers and users. We need to act quickly and with maximum responsibility. Learning new things and applying new knowledge and results right on the go, in real time. We are testing Copilot with a relatively small group of our users and customers. Do this in order to get feedback and, thanks to them, improve our model in terms of scaling. We study how the system deals with decision–making, with a note of limitations. With references to reliable sources and with an offer to people to revise. Recheck any facts and accuracy, as well as to correct content based on subject expertise.”says Jareth Spataro.
At the same time, Microsoft is testing Copilot together with its customers. And gradually increasing the scale of the testing itself. The corporation plans to share new information in the near future.

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