Activate Windows 10 using KMSAuto Net 2023

Windows 10 is an up-to-date and popular operating system, despite the fact that the new Windows 11 has already been released. But Windows 11 is not suitable for everyone, since the system requirements of the operating system are high. You will need new hardware with support for the TPM 2.0 module. This is the chip on the motherboard that is responsible for data encryption. This requirement can be circumvented. But the easiest way is to use Windows 10, this operating system is not much different from the latest version. Therefore, we will tell you how to activate Windows 10 using KMSAuto Net 2023.

Activate Windows 10 using KMSAuto

Features of Windows 10 activation using KMSAuto activator

Activating the good old Windows 10 is no different from activating Windows 11. But the difference is that Windows 10 can be activated by any versions of the activator, and for Win 11 it is better to use the latest version of the activator. The latest version of the activator is available for download on the official developer resource at the link below.

Click here for Download

  1. Disable Defender.
  2. Run KmsAuto NET.
  3. Activate Windows 10.

The Microsoft Frame Net library is required to use KMSAuto, but it is already installed by default in Windows 10. Activation takes place using the same method of creating a virtual server inside Windows 10. The server intercepts requests to verify the activation of the operating system and signs the license.

Please note that the developer of Ratiborus distributes the activator program for free. He is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way. We recommend using official activation methods. The use of activators should be used in extreme cases.

Brief instructions for activating Windows 10

After you have downloaded the archive with the activator, you should suspend the antivirus. This is not necessary, but desirable. Because some antiviruses remove the activator or block it. Thus, disabling the antivirus guarantees 100%. Next, you need to perform simple steps to activate.

  1. Go to the folder where you saved the archive with the activator.
  2. Open the archive using the archiver program (WinRAR/WinZip/7-zip).
  3. Extract the KMSAuto++ program from the archive. To do this, you will need to enter the password 2222.
  4. Run the activator with administrator rights. This will give the program the opportunity to create a virtual server and create a task for automatic activation in the Windows 10 Task Scheduler.
  5. Click the “ACTIVATION” button, and then click “ACTIVATE WINDOWS”.
  6. We wait a few seconds. Ready! You have activated Windows 10. You’re doing great!

Activate Windows 10 using KMS Auto

Activation of all Microsoft products (Office and Windows) is performed according to the same scenario. Therefore, it is difficult to make a mistake here. If nothing worked out the first time, then it’s worth checking all the steps again.

Why KMSAuto

At the moment, there are a dozen different activators, ranging from the Windows bootloader to the Microsoft TOOLKIT. But KMSAuto activato remains the most authoritative and technologically advanced. This program, unlike its analogues, does not lose relevance in our time, as the developer does not stop releasing activator updates every year. The program has a large army of fans, so all bugs are quickly identified and corrected by the developer.

FAQ KmsAuto for Windows 10

1) Do I need to disable Windows Defender before activating Windows 10?

Yes, Windows defender often blocks KMSAuto execution. You should pause the antivirus software for successful activation. After activation, you should definitely turn on the antivirus software.

2) Can I activate Office and Windows programs with one KMSAuto++ program?

Yes, it is a universal activator. You can activate the Office program and the Windows program alternately.

3) I lost the license key from Windows 10, can I recover the key using Kms Auto?

You will not be able to restore the old key using the activator program. But you can activate Win 10 using the activator.

4) Does the activator change the kernel of the Win 10 operating system?

No. The activator does not change the important system files of the operating system during activation. It’s safe.

5) What system requirements are required for the KMSAuto NET activator?

You don’t have to worry about this, since you already have the Windows 10 operating system installed, the activator will start on your computer without any problems.

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