How to activate Office 2021 with KmsAuto NET

Not so long ago, Microsoft released a new office software — Office 2021. Many have wondered how to activate Office 2021 without buying an official key. In fact, Office 2021 is not much different from the previous version. The main difference between the two versions is the support of cloud storage and group file editing. That is, multiple users can edit one file in real time. See for yourself, if these updates are exactly what you were waiting for, then you should read the article further. You will learn how to activate Office 2021.

Activate Office 2021

System requirements OFFICE 2021:

  1. OS: Windows 11, Windows 10;
  2. RAM: 4GB;
  3. HD: 10GB;

Looking for a free license key for Office 2021

The simplest and most primitive way to activate Office 2021 is to find a free key freely available anywhere on a website or forum or on a free distribution on the Internet. This method does not require much effort. You just have to enter about a couple dozen key codes until you get a valid one and your office is activated. But do not be happy. This activation lasts about a week. Then someone finds your key according to the same scheme and activates the office program on his computer. Thereby you lose this license. But you’ve had a happy week.

Demo mode for Office 2021

You can download Office 2021 from the official Microsoft website and install it on your PC. Next, you need access to your microsoft account. After the installation is complete, you will activate the trial period and you will have about 30 days to enjoy all the functions of the office program. After this period expires, the program will be available in document viewing mode. Your saved electronic documents will remain intact. Don’t worry. But again you have to find a new way to get a license for Office 2021. Let’s move on to the third most reliable free way to activate microsoft office.

Activating Office 2021 with KMSAuto NET

This is the most reliable and free way to activate Microsoft Office for free. You can be sure that your license will not fly off and will be valid for a long time. The activation of Office 2021 is analogous to the activation of Office 2019.

Click here for Download

  1. Disable Defender.
  2. Run KmsAuto NET.
  3. Activate Windows 10.

activate Office 2021

  1. Download the archive with the KMSAuto NET program.
  2. Enter the archive password 2222. Please note that antivirus software may delete the archive and block the activator.
  3. Run the activator on behalf of the administrator. In order for the program to create a virtual server on your PC.
  4. Press a couple of buttons. First of all, click the ACTIVATE button, then click the ACTIVATE OFFICE button.

In fact, these are all the steps for the successful activation of the OFFICE program. Next, a virtual server will be created and a rule will be created in the Windows task scheduler that will check the validity of the license. This is all done automatically. Your participation will not be required.

The best way to purchase a license is to purchase it on official microsoft resources. To perform activation with the help of the KMSAuto program is only in extreme cases.

Frequently asked questions about KmsAuto for Office 2021

1) Do I need to disable Windows Defender before activating Office 2021?

Yes, Windows Defender often blocks KMSAuto++ from running. You should pause your antivirus software for successful activation. After activation, be sure to enable antivirus software.

2) Can I activate Office and Windows programs using one KMSAuto NET program?

Yes, this is a universal activator for all Microsoft products. You can activate an Office program and a Windows program one at a time.

3) I lost my Office 2021 license key, can I recover the key using KmsAuto?

It will not be possible to restore the old key using the activator program. But you can activate Office 2021 using the activator.

4) Is it dangerous to activate Office 2021?

No. The activator does not change important system files of the operating system upon activation. It’s safe.

5) What system requirements are required for the KMSAuto++ activator?

If you were able to launch the Office 2021 program, then the activator will launch on your computer.

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